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Chartered Accountants, in Australia

Your 'one stop' accounting, taxation, business advisory firm", JI Moore & Partners is a firm of experienced and enthusiastic Chartered Accountants providing a wide range of financial, management and audit services.

The Firm, JI Moore & Partners, came into existence on 1 July 1996, when Mr John Moore resigned as the Senior Partner of Moores CA to move with his personal staff and his long-term clients into a new practice.

Moores CA came into existence when John Moore terminated his employment as a Senior Manager of Peat Marwick Mitchell and Co (now KPMG) in December 1968 to commence practice with Mr Warren B Wearne in a firm called Wearne Moore & Co. Since then the Firm changed its name in approximately 1977 to JI Moore & Partners and then during the 1980s to Moores CA. The remaining Partners of Moores CA have now disbanded that Firm in its entirety.

JI Moore & Partners in its current form specializes in accounting activities in respect of long-term clients of Mr. John Moore and in diversified specialized areas. Diane Terzian rejoined the Firm after an absence of two years, following the resignation of Carolyn Dixon as a Partner who moved to New Zealand following a transfer of her husband to that country.

The Firm has maintained a small size, and, as well as accounting staff, it employs the services of a specialist audit/valuations manager. Their ever growing client base spans various industries and sizes ranging from individuals to medium and large enterprises operating in manufacturing and service industries and Australian interests of overseas companies and investors.

The Firm and Mr. John Moore over many years has established a very broad network of consultants who advise the Firm from time to time as required with regard to specialist areas. It is upon this basis that the Firm can offer to its clients, a very comprehensive range of services including a Partner involvement in all assignments.

The Partners are both members of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and Mr. John Moore is a member of The Australian Society of Accountants - Certified Practising Accountant and holds an audit licence as well as being a member of The Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Managers. His experience in the profession spans some 40 years commencing at the time of his completion of his school education in Sydney.

Should more detailed information be required, then that is available. Should any interested party wish to meet the Partners, then we should be pleased to arrange that at a time convenient to all parties.



SHENZHEN CHENGHUA CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as CHENGHUA) is approved by Bureau of Finance of Shenzhen Municipality (Shenzhen Practicing License No.10059), and established in January 18, 2005 with approval of Administration of Industry and Commerce of Shenzhen Municipality (Registration number: S14659) as a professional intermediary services.

CHENGHUA has 40 highly qualified professionals, including 12 Certified Public Accountants (2 Securities and futures qualification of CPA), 8 Certified Tax Agents , 3 Certified Public Valuers.

CHENGHUA is specialized in auditing, capital verification, merger, division, liquidation and other business by laws and administrative regulations, and issue reports. We can undertake accounting consulting, accounting services and the other business by The Ministry of Finance regulations, and has customs audit, asset and capital verification of state assets and the other special audit qualification, such as determination of high and new Tech Enterprises.

Our audit professional services is not only remain in the audit techniques, audit procedures and audit reports, but also coordinate with management consulting, assessment, tax and the other departments through our superior resources, to solve the puzzling question with complicated, high professional requirements and challenging. We are dedicated to provide improvement advice and solutions for our customers. Let you to truly feel our difference.

The customers of CHENGHUA are spread all walks of life, including high-tech, real estate, machinery manufacturing, logistics, medical, IT, agriculture, commerce, tourism and other fields. So we can gain rich professional experience, and to achieve the goal of creating value for our customers.



Shenzhen Longda Certified Public Accountants, previously known as Shenzhen ShenLong Certified Public Accountants was established since 1993 being the earliest accounting firm in LongGang District of Shenzhen City. On 25th November 1997, the firm after approved by Shenzhen City Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Shenzhen City Auditing Board and Shenzhen City Finance Ministry changed the name as Shenzhen Longda Certified Public Accountants and obtained the accounting practicing license (Shenzhen Practicing License No. 25) and the partnership business trading license from the Shenzhen City Finance Ministry and Shenzhen City Industrial and Commercial Board respectively.

Shenzhen Longda has more than 40 professional staff including 14 Certified Public Accountants, China; 9 Registered Valuers, China; 5 Certified Tax Accountants, China; 3 Estate and Property Valuers and 9 Accountants. The Firm has various departments providing services such as Auditing; Valuation; Budgeting and Feasibility Valuation; Consultancy; Computing and Administration with three principal locations at Long Gang District; Peng Wu District and Fu Tin District in Shenzhen City.

Our firm's philosophy since established focused on "Survival on Quality" and "Development on Services". The firm adherence to the principles of independence; objectivity and justice practice not only lead our Firm's successful development in auditing; capital certification; valuation; project budgeting; industrial and commercial tax representation and management consultancy area in recent years but also won the support and trust from our clients and the society as a whole. We covenant that we shall continue this principles and spirit providing comprehensive; efficient and quality services to our clients.

Zhang JianHua -- President
Certified Public Accountant, China

Chen LieWei -- Deputy President
Registered Assets Valuer

Scope of Business
1. Certification of Capital Invested
2. Audit for Financial Statements
3. Valuation of Business Assets
4. Final assessment for Contracts
5. Preparation of Contract Tenders
6. Audit for Contract Works Valuation
7. Audit for Changing Management
8. Accounting Services
9. Special Purpose Audit
10. Preparation Works for Financial Cases
11. Consulting to Overseas Investors
12. Financial Accounting Consulting
13. Taxation Representative
14. Training for Financial Personnel


Chartered Certified Accountants
Certified Public Accountants, Singapore

Certified Tax Accountants




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